Going Beyond the Medium

BEYOND THE MEDIUM: Politics of Space, Vol 1 is a social and political commentary on and documentation of the danger media poses to our humanity and our psyches. Using creative and visual methods to evoke and mimic our experience, the book explores the framing of media, the impact ofthe modern mediated landscape/cities on our existential being, and the physical, spiritual and emotional effects of the messages that saturate our day-to-day lives. Our reality is increasing being mediated and our eyes and ears cannot filter the images we are exposed to and which enter our minds and hearts (children included) and become imprinted on our psyche forever. Not only is the systematic manipulation and use of media for political reasons, profit and entertainment overshadowing the “honest” unmediated world in its appearance, but the messages of media, which has become part of our nervous system, infiltrate and disturb our psyche and human potential with propaganda and misinformation and the promotion of pornography, violence, selfishness, and materialism. The medium itself has become invisible and is no longer noticed by the naked eye, especially since we have become used to the realities that are being framed for us. To this end, Beyond the Medium examines today’s most commonly used public mediums, such as taxis, billboards, bus and subway stations, etc., takes a closer look at the messages that have entered our psyches and demonstrates the medium and its effects on us and our connection with each other and with the natural.

Tanja Andrejasic-Wechsler (organizer), Veselin Cuparic, Bryan Cockrell