School of Apocalypse Radio

Every Second Sunday in 2016 at Pioneer Works, School of Apocalypse hosted a five hour long, marathon discussion in the airstream trailer about apocalypse, survival, and the cultural role of creative practice. In these recordings, we’ve invited special guests to join us in reflecting on these themes and relating them to their own work. Episodes 1-6 took place over the course of a single evening, where we introduced a new guest every hour, and were joined in conversation by passers by from the Second Sunday audience.

Listen to all episodes on or read about each episode below:

Episode 1: Prologue

The founders of School of Apocalypse talk about how notions of survival have helped them ground a school for creative practice in what is essential.

Tal Beery, Catherine Despont, Rachel Haberstroh, Eugenia Manwelyan, Adam Stennett

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Episode 2: Katherine McLeod

We talk with the brilliant Katherine McLeod about biological research stations, moving New York into the Jungle, and the process of becoming indigenous.

© WCS Library and Archives

© WCS Library and Archives

Episode 3: Marissa Prefer

Marissa Prefer takes us from floating food forests to the intersections of pedagogy and art. A visit from some young guests brings us into a surprisingly insightful conversation about what is considered essential learning today in New York City schools.

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Episode 4: David Brooks

Our conversation with artist David Brooks brings us from what makes Brooks a terrible scientist, to the trouble with “Anthropocene” and what it takes to perceive outside one’s lifespan.

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Episode 5: Nelesi Rodriguez and Danica Selem

Through their School of Apocalypse working groups, Nelesi Rodriguez and Danica Selem have sought to reintegrate movement in pedagogical and architectural practices. In this discussion, we talk about the distinction between reason and knowledge, the limits of architectural education, the difference between rehearsal and performance, and whether we can systematize the teaching of sensitivity.

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Episode 6: Itzhak Beery

Itzhak Beery began his career as a visual artist, but today he is an internationally recognized Shamanic healer, teacher, and author. He joins us to discuss the role of art in creating narratives of survival, how aboriginal cultures use Western technology, and how Westerners can use aboriginal technologies to help us all survive.

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