Propose a Working Group

Michelle Jalowski signs up for a working group at Sunview Luncheonette in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Michelle Jalowski signs up for a working group at Sunview Luncheonette in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Proposals must be submitted in writing 10 days ahead of our Quarterly Meeting. Our next Quarterly Meeting will be in the Spring of 2018.

A working group can take many forms, and produce many outcomes. It can be structured around a theme, problem, or practice, and can tackle its goal in whatever format feels most necessary, whether that’s a presentation, performance, publication, field trip, object, website, physical structure etc.

a presentation // a performance
a publication // a field trip
an object // a website
a structure // etc.

You are eligible to make a proposal if you have attended any of the SoA monthly meetings, or classes, or field trips. Proposals will be shared publicly on the SoA website and Facebook Group.

Anyone can join an SoA Working Group, even if they have not attended a previous session.

For a working group to move forward it must have a minimum of 3 people including the person who made the proposal. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to create projects and to find collaborators. As such the only requirement for your project is that you find 2 other people to join you.

At the Quarterly Meeting people with proposals will have 6 minutes to make their case. Can you make your presentation in song? Can you lead everyone in a group activity? Can you read a manifesto? Can you print posters? Can you promote your working group with animated gifs on the FB group? Yes, yes, yes and yes, as long as you feel like it is a clear, persuasive description of your proposal, and you do it in under 6 minutes!

After the Quarterly Meeting people will have 2 weeks to register for working groups. You will register for a group by directly contacting the person who made the proposal.

All groups should meet together for the first time one month after the Quarterly Meeting to confirm their formation and to outline their meeting structures, and determine any space/resources needed from SoA.*

Working group outcomes/projects should be completed by the next Quarterly Meeting.**


* SoA resources do not include money for materials, but students may have limited access to space and machines such as a Risograph printer. You must clear approval for training and access to these things with Tal and Monica.  

** We will be discussing the format for these final presentations at the monthly meeting before the Quarterly Meeting.

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