Working Groups

An SoA working group is a vessel for creative collaboration. It is a space for discussion, experimentation and it can take many forms; at its most basic it is a group that comes together around a theme, practice, or project and can tackle its goal in whatever format feels most necessary, whether that’s a presentation, performance, publication, field trip, object, website, physical structure etc. The groups meet periodically over the course of 3 months to create a final product / project and present it at the next SoA Quarterly Meeting.

How to Propose a Working Group

You are eligible to make a proposal if you have attended any of the SoA monthly meetings, or classes, or field trips. Proposals will be shared publicly on the SoA website and Facebook Group, and anyone making a proposal has 6 minutes to present it at an SoA Quarterly Meeting. 

Anyone can join an SoA Working Group, even if they have not attended a previous session.

For a working group to move forward it must have a minimum of 3 people including the person who made the proposal. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to create projects and to find collaborators. As such the only requirement for your project is that you find 2 other people to join you.

Working Groups meet on average twice each month over the course of three or four months, and typically produce a final project to present at the following Quarterly Meeting. Documentation of final projects are archived on the SoA website. At this point the working group is effectively over, although some working groups choose to continue working together independently of SoA, or propose again for another session at the following Quarterly Meeting.

More details on the proposal process here.