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Field Trip: Making Cultures in the In-Between

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The West today is in-between. A culture of unchecked exploitation is ending by choice or by collapse, and a new one has yet to take its place. Times like these are confused and anxious: strongmen rise and we plunge ever deeper into crisis. But despite the darkness, we are faced with hopeful possibilities of post-capitalist futures, approaches and stories that can support new cultures of survival. We will have to work in solidarity to seize this moment, because nothing short of the most fundamental shifts will be enough. 

This School of Apocalypse Field Trip invites artists, thinkers, and doers of all sorts to share their methods and mythologies for making cultures in this time between two prevailing systems. The word “culture” is historically tied to the cultivation of soil, and so over our three days on a forested site in the Catskills we will also consider land-based approaches to resilience and resistance. 

This will be a participatory learning experiment. What we will end up doing over the weekend depends on who participates and what they choose to share.  Everyone attending can propose an activity (workshop, discussion, game, meal, etc.), related to the theme. Do you have a skill you'd like to share? An idea you'd like to explore? A learning format you'd like to experiment with? Add it to the itinerary, and work with an experienced SoA facilitator who can help you plan and execute.

[Edit] An important note: We’ve condensed the programming portion of the field trip so that the workshops, talks, etc. take place Saturday and Sunday, Sept 2-3. The other two days (Friday and Monday) will be loose and free-form. You are welcome to come up any of the days for any amount of time. The cost is the same whether you come up for one day, both days, or more.

The Field Trip takes place on a 117 acre site in Liberty, New York owned by a 100 year-old socialist Jewish youth movement. The site is 2.5 hours from New York City. 

The address is 52 Lake Marie Rd., Liberty, NY, 12754.

Transportation from NYC:
If you are intending to drive and you have space to bring others up with you, please let us know and we can arrange a carpool with/for you. You can also take the Shortline bus from Port Authority to Monticello or Liberty, and take a taxi from there. 

Cabins and beds are available for all attendees (bring your own warm bedding, blankets, pillows). Cabins have electricity, and there’s a shared bathroom + shower building next to the cabins. If you prefer, you are also welcome to bring your own tent and camp out on site. 

Anyone can volunteer to prepare one or more meals for the group (with plenty of help and support). We will cook all our meals together in the camp’s commercial kitchen.

Registering for the field trip costs $45 / person - this goes to cover insurance and site fee, and does not include food. 

We intend to keep the cost of food down as much as possible and to split the cost evenly at the end of the weekend. We expect this will cost an additional $50 - $100 / person. 

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