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SoA Quarterly Meeting

This upcoming Monday, August 15 from 7-9:30pm is the first SoA Quarterly Meeting. We will hear and discuss presentations of working group proposals. All are welcome to join working groups and do not need to have attended prior meetings. We are so excited about the beautiful and diverse array of proposals, outlined below (click through to read more about each).

Please RSVP and bring friends. See you at Pioneer Works!

Catherine and Rachel

Artists and the City
This working group, led by artist Mary Miss and co-presented by a representative of the NYC Department of Design and Construction, will create a blueprint for connecting artists with opportunties for engagement on city projects.

"My America" Project
"My America" Project seeks to envision and present alternative (i.e. un-Official) ideas of American identity by inviting participants to contribute alternative versions of the standard symbols and iconographies of official America - flags, money, road-signs, departmental seals and logos, national anthem (music and/or lyrics)."
Bodies Intersect Buildings or Front Roll in a Bank
The working group will "explore how architecture shapes our physical, social and emotional bodies and behaviors."

School of Apocalypse Flag Project
"This working group will design and produce a School of Apocalypse Flag. The flag, which will be modeled on the pattern of a shelter-half, will also be capable of serving as workwear, school uniform, and can easily be strung up to make a tent. More broadly the group will consider how the role of garments / insignia are connected to the work of defining new contexts for inquiry." 

Collective Care: Spaces + Practices
An investigation of "the idea of “collective care” both in it’s everyday forms (practices/spaces) and it’s broader theoretical/radical context and potential, specifically through a feminist lens."

Modeling New Worlds with Nordic LARP
"An exploration of the emotional and practical dimensions of self organized communities through Nordic LARP."

The Human Body as Media
"This working group will review and discuss theories, anecdotes, and ideas coming from the most diverse fields in order to gain a better understanding of the ways in which the body has been perceived and used as media and to become aware of its relevance today."

Public Food
Led by artist Mary Mattingly, "this working group will explore methodologies for redefining and expanding public urban commons. It will take form as mapping, field trips & research that examines current trends in public land use, with an emphasis on making space for growing public food.  We will use advocacy and action as tools to begin crafting policy to protect, revitalize and utilize public urban land."

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