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School of Apocalypse Monthly Meeting :: Join a Working Group

What is essential? What is our power? What are our best tools for transformation in dangerous and uncertain times? 

On this somber galvanizing presidents day, come learn about / join the School of Apocalypse Working Groups, launching this month in response to all this craziness. 

[ [ An SoA working group is a vessel for creative collaboration. It is a space for discussion, experimentation and it can take many forms; at its most basic it is a group that comes together around a theme, practice, or project and meets periodically over the course of 3 months to create a final product / project and present it at the next SoA quarterly meeting. ] ] 

Here are the ones we'll be hearing about...

The Survival Library
Led by Codify Art - a multidisciplinary curatorial and producorial collective dedicated to showcasing work by artists of color, particularly women and queer people of color - this working group will consolidate and contribute to an ongoing collection of publications and media works centered around the personal narratives of W/Q/T/POC.

Peace Symbols
This working group will imagine and construct peace symbols. They will be public toys, sculptures, ornamentation for divisions, asymmetrical round protrusions that spin across borders, tools that invite people to work for an open ended objective. They are objects for meditation. They lament an impossible ideal and celebrate an ideal situation.

New Soundwalk City
Work with musician and philosopher David Rothenberg to develop a soundwalk map to parts of New York City. The group will be seeking interesting sounds right in our midst that are usually overlooked, and then lead tours of these routes and publish a guidebook to these sounds.

This working group will be responsible for planning some of the upcoming monthly meetings, but will also be a group that lays out and attends to the basic infrastructural elements that emerge from the core questions that make up the school. 

Mycological Research Playgroup
Come lose your mind and explore the many capacities of mushrooms ("the interface organisms between life and death”) - in medicine, mycorestoration, mycofabrication, myth, etc.

Bodies Intersect Buildings vol.II
The Bodies Intersect Buildings working group is exploring how architecture and built environment shape our physical, social and emotional bodies and behaviors. Through the BiB Working Group we are finding ways in which we can reclaim our right to move, feel and interact freely in the spaces we inhabit.

Social Emergency Response Center (SERC)
How could we experiment with ways of providing support, making connections and modeling practices of collective care? Drawing on the analogy of the role played by emergency response centers in natural disasters (providing basic services like temporary shelter, food and water, etc.), the SERC model is both an “artistic gesture and a practical solution” to address our current social emergency under Trump. 

(Embarrassing Dead Magic) -Revived ((Alternative healing as a human right))
Facilitated by multidisciplinary artist and educator Melinda Kiefer, this working group will address the social hunger for spiritual practice. Together, group members will brainstorm and build their own creative ways to achieve our human rights for health (defined as=mental, physical, spiritual, creatively imaginative). 

Greenhouses and Bio-art Systems
This group will work from within the greenhouse of a Brooklyn based rooftop studio to explore how our relationship with organic/inorganic materials can serve as a form of art that refuses to hang static on the wall or be preserved under plexiglass on a pedestal, but rather one that is living, breathing, and alive. 

Choreographies for Survival
What makes for a resilient body – one that can survive and thrive under a variety of circumstances? This working group will investigate the strong flexible body, and the generative culture space that emerges between bodies that engage in creative acts together. The group process will culminate in a performative intervention at a MassiveMuse, presented at Pioneer Works. 

Going Beyond the Medium: Human Connectivity and Survival
Medium is naturally violent to the reality and is deceiving, even when it presents topics of good value. This working group will take a closer look at the messages we receive and its effects on us by examining the different medium and messages that we see in everyday life-- objects, places, settings, etc., that have been used to enter our psyche.

Apocalypse Survival Kit for Radicals and Creatives
How will we survive? We believe that it involves integration of the physical and metaphysical, the biological and technological, the practical and whimsical. We will make custom survival kits packed with tangible and intangible necessities.


About School of Apocalypse
SoA examines connections between creative practice and notions of survival. In light of growing cultural, ecological and technological phenomena that challenge basic assumptions about human existence, SoA offers courses and programs to develop new modes of inquiry and apply broader levels of experience to intellectual investigation.

SoA has no fixed definition of apocalypse or survival, but engages with the fundamental questions that the themes provoke. 

SoA invites a range of thinkers, artists and scientists to present programming on related themes. Subjects of study are theoretical as well as hands on, and emphasize the integration of observational and material practices found in mystical traditions, creative modalities and scientific field work.

SoA represents both a program of study, and a school of thought that exists already, albeit in disparate form, throughout culture at large.


About the Venue - Sunview Luncheonette

The Sunview Luncheonette is a storefront on pause; a member-based social club; a microvenue for art, poetics, regionalism, mutual aid, and commoning. The Luncheonette performs semi-public dinners, talks, work-shops, lectures, plays, reading groups, and musical interludes in a semi-private setting. It is resistant to traditional forms of commerce, commodification, and gentrification. It is above all, an “approach,” and least of all, an “outcome.” It is unknown. It is hopeful. It saves you a seat at the counter.

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SoA Monthly Meeting
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SoA monthly meeting