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May SoA Monthly Meeting at the Brooklyn Museum

The word survival means "to live in spite of" (supervivere). What is it that we’re living in spite of? What is the kind of living we’re aiming for? 

Join School of Apocalypse for its May monthly meeting, and hear how some of the working groups have been considering these questions. 

The following working groups will present their findings and discuss the ways in which their group process and outcomes generated insights into the connections between creative practice and survival. 

This working group will be responsible for planning some of the upcoming monthly meetings, but will also be a group that lays out and attends to the basic infrastructural elements that emerge from the core questions that make up the school. 

Bodies Intersect Buildings vol.II
The Bodies Intersect Buildings working group is exploring how architecture and built environment shape our physical, social and emotional bodies and behaviors. Through the BiB Working Group we are finding ways in which we can reclaim our right to move, feel and interact freely in the spaces we inhabit.

(Embarrassing Dead Magic) -Revived ((Alternative healing as a human right))
Facilitated by multidisciplinary artist and educator Melinda Kiefer, this working group will address the social hunger for spiritual practice. Together, group members will brainstorm and build their own creative ways to achieve our human rights for health (defined as=mental, physical, spiritual, creatively imaginative). 

Choreographies for Survival
What makes for a resilient body – one that can survive and thrive under a variety of circumstances? This working group will investigate the strong flexible body, and the generative culture space that emerges between bodies that engage in creative acts together. 

Odd Property: Considering the challenges of art for law
Explore legal and art historical writing that considers the status of art as an anomalous form of property within the United States common law system and consider frameworks for resisting and reconsidering property’s normative forms.

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A Massive Listening Experiment
Later Event: June 19
SoA Quarterly Meeting